Age Of Rust Is A New Blockchain Game That Will Let You Earn Crypto In-Game

Age of Rust is a new upcoming 3d shooter / puzzle game that will use blockchain technology to allow in game items to be monetized. Users will be able to solve puzzles and find rare crypto items inside the game which can then be sold on the marketplace for real money.. it could be a great way to earn bitcoin online.


In game virtual items are a massive thing now days and could possibly add billions to the overall marketcap of blockchain, and this appears to be one of the hottest looking games so far.

Age of rust will be launching in December, so now is the time to start getting in your referrals and promoting this game through the Abyss gaming platform before it becomes too popular!

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Superman - Apr 18, 2020, 2:38 AM - Add Reply

Monetisation of games will make most kids rich.

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