Ecoin - The Crypto for Everyone

Ecoin is one of the world's fastest growing cryptocurrency. It is powered by an Artificial Intelligence email-based proxy. Using this, they ensures that one person cannot claim the tokens more than once.


Basically, it works on an idea where its currency value grows along with its network of users and the easiest way to reach them is to give the token for free. All you need to have was a verified email signed-up in their network.

The value of the coin depends on how many users registered on their network. Ecoin is currently listed on probit exchange. 


  1. Sign up to their website. Make sure that you have a valid and verified email address. You can sign up here:
  2. Go to your email and verify your account
  3. Refer Ecoin using your referral links to earn more

Ecoin value for now seems to be a little small for you to consider it as an earning. But time will tell if this coin will be successful and will achieve its goals. For now, Let's hope for the best and continue in staking our coins. Remember, the more people who joins, the bigger the value of the token. So what are you waiting for join,refer and earn Ecoin Now!





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