How To Earn Bitcoin Promoting chain Warriors Game

Chain warriors is a very cooling looking new blockchain game that let's users find rare and expensive items inside the game and then sell them on the in-game exchange to other users.

This new game is addictive and very fun to play and features some amazing graphics, it's an easy way to promote the Abyss gaming platforms 5 level affiliate program. and is a good way to earn bitcoin online.

Game description:

Chain Warriors is a browser based MMORPG where you can collect unique sets and artifacts and sell them for the real crypto! Classic RPG mechanics, PvP and PvE battles and enjoyable graphics will allow you to take a break and grab your piece of glory in this new and unknown world.

The royal army recently repulsed a new region from the claws of a horde of monsters and the bureaucratic machinery of the kingdom immediately began stamping licenses for the right to operate in the lands of the new province.

Thousands of adventurers rushed to find a new purpose and the opportunity to improve their way of life. But any reward requires a sacrifice and only a few will be able to achieve the desired heights.

You, as one of the adventurers, will have to fight the remnants of monsters in the attempt of getting worthy loot, earn glory on arenas, participate in regular tournaments and even acquire your own mines that will provide you with a steady income.


  • Collect unique sets, get valuable artifacts in dangerous dungeons and sell them for real crypto!
  • Participate in PvP tournaments, defeat your enemies and receive rare and unique items as a reward!
  • Upgrade goldmines or rob other players to earn lots of gold (or do both to earn even more gold!)
  • Enhance ancient equipment, train pets and assemble a dream set of power



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