Kucoin Exchange Shares Revenue With Token Holders

Kucoin is one of the worlds biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and they share revenue with token holders. All you need to do is hold KCS tokens in your exchange wallet and you will receive a daily dividend payment.


Kucoin exchange has some very good trading volume, around 33 million dollars per day, although there is plenty of room for growth in the future which will increase the revenue generated by each token you hold.


Kucoin also allows you to stake coins on the exchange, you can stake many different coins including bitcoin, tron, ethereum and other big coins. Simply hold them on the exchange and get a monthly dividend payment automatically into your wallet.


Kucoin is one of the biggest and most popular exchanges and we can see why, they offer a good share of the companies profits simply by holding tokens and a number of other lending / staking options are availale.


Click here to create your account on Kucoin exchange

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